Surviving a Filipino Zombie Attack

November 3, 2008 · Posted in General · 11 Comments 

This year, Halloween fell on a weekend.  However, I wasn’t with the Geto Boys trick or treatin’.  I was at home watching DVDs and handing out candies to children with nice costumes and begrudgingly giving candy to teenagers dressed like they just shopped at Hot Topic.  (Note to teenagers, a Pixies band t-shirt, jeans, and skeleton gloves is not a Halloween costume).  Halloween marks the ending of Filipino American History Month and what better way to remind us that we need to wrap up the history month celebrations than to have countless horror films playing on dozens of cable channels.

One channel was showing a marathon of zombie films and I saw that 28 Days Later was playing.  It’s a pretty good zombie film and I highly recommend it if you got some free time on your hands.  The premise of the film did get me thinking.  What if there was some form of lab created genetic zombie virus that attacked people with at least 1/4th Filipino ancestry?  What would we need to do in order to survive and minimize the risk of zombie infection? 

Fear not loyal PinoyLifers.  The fan boys behind this site got you covered.

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