Imagine a World Without Filipinos – Pinoylife Redux

July 15, 2008 · Posted in General · 15 Comments 

I swear, sometimes gifts just fall from the internet heavens.

Joel, the Pinoylife admin, got an email forward containing an article titled “Imagine a World Without Filipinos”. It was published in Saudi Arabian news outlet Al-Watan written by Abdullah Al-Maghlooth. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a quick read:

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Imagine a World Without Filipinos

The gist of the article is generally positive so props to Abdullah for the kind words. The title does make you think. What would it be like if we got rid of all the Filipinos on the planet? I’m sure there are some racist cocksuckers that would have a month long celebration but this is a hypothetical scenario that will never happen so don’t start making your parade floats just yet. Abdullah Al-Maghlooth pointed out some obvious things such as the negative impact on available nurses, manual labor, nannies, maids, and most importantly how eliminating Filipinos would decrease of the amount of seamen in the world. (Damn right!)

But there are other side effects that Al-Maghlooth didn’t cover. I now present to you my version of the article, “Imagine a World Without Filipinos”.

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