Livin’ Large with the Pacman – Thoughts on Episode 2 of HBO’s Pacquiao – De La Hoya 24/7

November 24, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized 

The second installment of the Pacquiao – De La Hoya 24/7 series was, once again, a solid piece of documentary work by the HBO Sports crew.  The show depicted Pacquiao as a loving husband as he spent some alone time with his wife Jinkee listening to the pulses of their unborn child using an electronic device pressed against Jinkee’s very pregnant belly. This was a much needed improvement from the last episode’s display of karaoke coldness from Manny.

Even more special was the segment about Manny’s mother and father. Interwoven beautifully between Manny’s daily prayer at the Wild Card gym and his mother Dinesha’s prayer at a church in the Philippines, Manny’s traditional Filipino roots and devout Catholic beliefs that were instilled by his mother and father were a microcosm of the beauty of the positive family values that many of us have come to know in our Filipino upbringings no matter where we grew up. Two of the virtues that parents Dinesha and Rosalio are most proud of in their son is his unselfishness and willingness to help the people in the Philippines.  The charity that Manny has shown through providing scholarships, money, medical supplies and much more to the less financially fortunate than him showed that this boxer isn’t just a champion in the ring but a true champion in life.

A minor side note from seeing the segment with Manny’s parents… did you see all the gold mommy Pacquiao was sporting? Damn, she’s a few chains short of being signed to a record deal with T-Pain!

Another thing we learned from the documentary was seeing how Manny and his very well fed entourage are living large… literally. After a day of Manny’s training, the fellas like to go to Nat’s Thai restaurant in Hollywood to load up on what looked to be Thai fried chicken and a bunch of stuff that used coconut milk. Then they load up on hundreds of dollars worth of groceries at the Island Pacific Supermarket over on Vermont just south of Melrose (right next to the Fil-Am Arts offices). By the looks of it, Buboy and his belly did most of the food selection.

I wonder if someone showed Manny the Pinoylife post from the first 24/7 episode and how it poked fun a Buboy’s gut because all of a sudden, Manny is recording the weight of each member of his entourage. He even offered a “frize” of $2,000 to the person that can lose 10 pounds in two weeks and even offered an extra $1,000 if a person loses more than 15 pounds.

Let’s go over the entourage’s weights, shall we?

Eduard – 168 lbs.
Buboy – 226 lbs. (Party on Buboy!)
Nonoy – 226 lbs. (You kick ass bro!)
Alex – 251 lbs. (You are truly eating for the villages back home)
Danny – 206 lbs. (You are not the Buboy)
Haplas – 181 lbs.
Odoy – 155 1/2 lbs. (Is the 1/2 lb. just to show solidarity with the overweight guys?)
Wenchel – 188 lbs. (Did your parents name you after donuts?)
Noel – 196 lbs.
Jovie H. – 154 lbs.
Miguel – 214 lbs. (Nice work there Miguel)
Bernie T. – 130 lbs. (Let me guess, you’re the last guy to get the dish as it gets passed around the table)

To the entourage

Guys, it’s good that you help keep Manny’s spirits up. The darts, the fun conversations, the jokes are a must to help the champ unwind after a grueling day of training. This is the biggest fight in Manny’s career. The opportunity to fight the biggest name in boxing today is a huge undertaking. So much so that Manny has to go up two weight classes in order to make the fight possible. However, nobody said that you guys had to go up two weight classes as well!

Just to give you guys some perspective, here’s a body mass index (BMI) chart I found off the internet.

Notice where Manny’s range is and where your collective ranges are. And here is a table of disease risk based on BMI.

Next week, the Thanksgiving episode. Tune in to see if any Pinoylifers made it on camera during the turkey giveaway. GO MANNY!

And to Buboy, I’m pulling for you to win the “frize.” You can do it!

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