About PinoyLife.com

PinoyLife.com was started in 1998 by some dude and his two friends. Other people helped the main dude out by writing stuff. It was put up because the main dude didn’t see any media outlets reporting on the cool stuff going on in the Filipino American pop culture world.

After awhile, the main dude thought it would be a cool idea to try and make the site bigger and more kickasser. So, in 2003, the site became The Flavor Online. Flavor was cool but the main dude didn’t generate enough $$$ to keep it up so the site had to stop in 2005.

The main dude then went into hiding while the two friends and other helpers started their lucrative careers in mud wrestling and selling Power Ranger collectibles.

In July of 2008, the main dude got tired of the friends, helpers, and even new crazy dancer homies from San Diego bugging him about bringing the site back. The main dude bugged the friend that was the techincal brains behind the original site to help him bring PinoyLife back as a Wordpress blog. The technical brains friend installed all the stuff and here we are.

Have a drink and celebrate. Pinoylife.com finally came back.

The Main Dude
The technical brains friend guy
The guys that have dinner and/or beer with the Main Dude
The guys that post a lot on the site that either went to college with the Main Dude or live near the Main Dude

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