ESPN Dedicates a Video Segment and Roundtable Discussion on Manny Pacquiao

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More Awesome Karaoke

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Simply awesome. Crank this one up at your office cubicles, university computer labs, and wifi coffee shops.

Some Dos and Don’ts for Pinoy Weddings

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It’s good to be back home after a nice vacation in Hawaii.  I just attended my friend’s wedding on Waikiki and it was a beautiful beachside ceremony.  Over 100 people attended his destination wedding which was pretty cool.  The bridesmaids were dressed in exquisite matching dresses while me and the groomsmen were decked out in matching aloha shirts and white pants, making us look like the hotel ukelele band or the valet guys. 

A wedding should be a time when people need to understand a few basic rules of social etiquette.  The bride and groom spend a lot of time and money putting together a classy event for their guests to enjoy.  And we, as Pinoys and Pinays, sometimes violate these unspoken rules of wedding guest etiquette that can make our people look like total chodes.  Here are some dos and don’ts based on observations at various Filipino weddings I’ve attended.

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Celebrating Filipino American History Month

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October has arrived and Filipino American History Month is here.  Long story short, the Filipino American National Historical Society established the month as Fil Am History Month based on the fact that some Pinoys jumped off a Spanish galleon called the Nuestra Senora de Buena Esperanza (aka Big Ass Spanish Boat) somewhere near Moro Bay, California back in October of 1587.  I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist of it.

What should we celebrate? It is our month but a lot of Americans are unaware of the significant contributions that Pinoys and Pinays have made to our country’s fabric. 

No need to fear ‘cause I got your Fil Am history remedial course right here on

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