A Gold Medal Strategy for the Philippines

August 15, 2008 · Posted in General, sports · 13 Comments 

Olympic fever has struck and I’m all in.  The swimming races, the basketball games, and even the badminton mixed doubles are things I find myself mesmerized by… in hi-def of course.  I’m cheering for Phelps, Coughlin, Kobe, and anyone representing the good ‘ol U.S. of A. 

I’m also pulling for Team Philippines… all 15 of them.  The Philippines is competing in archery, shooting, taekwondo, swimming, boxing, long jump and diving.  The Philippine government even put up $220,000 for the first athlete to win a gold medal for the Philippines. (And no, the 1988 gold medal in women’s bowling doesn’t count ‘cause it was an exhibition sport.)  The money is a great incentive but I’m not sure if it is enough for a crispy pata eater to bring the gold back to the archipelago. 

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