30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan Wears an EGOT Necklace on National TV!

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I’m one of the few that actually watches NBC’s programming these days and one show that I find consistently funny each week is 30 Rock.  This past week’s episode titled “Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001” had me do multiple double-takes and jaw drops.  There was a side story in the episode where Tracy Morgan’s character becomes obsessed with winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award after going into a jewelry shop and seeing a bling necklace pendant that read EGOT.  Yes Pinoys, you read that right, EGOT.

Morgan’s character becomes so obsessed with this notion that he purchases the EGOT pendant and wears it with pride throughout the episode.  I was waiting for a Filipino character to show up and tell him why it was pretty screwed up to see a black guy wearing an EGOT pendant but that never happened in the episode.

The emmy award winning writers for 30 Rock are typically savvy in finding double meanings in things but this time, the EGOT joke got past their pop-culture radar.  You see, the 30 Rock episode was referencing the term EGOT from 80s TV star Philip Michael Thomas as he used it as an acronym for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony as those were the awards he planned to win in his career.  Yes, there is humor in envisioning Tubbs winning a Grammy but what the 30 Rock folks didn’t research was the fact that the term “egot” is the equivalent to the n-word in Filipino slang.  Don’t believe me? Go visit the entry for “egot” on the Urban Dictionary and read it for yourself.

Here’s the episode. You got until December 14 to watch it online (or sooner once NBC catches wind of this).

GimmickCity – Give them some feedback

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Hello PinoyLifers. Someone forwarded an email with a link to a website called Gimmick City.  It’s claiming to be the “Hottest Web TV Show”. 

In the email from Giovi Zamora and his awesome hairpiece, he wrote:

“We are pre launching our Web TV can you please watch our show at www.gimmickcity.com and your comment and suggestion would be greatly appreciated” (grammar not corrected for your enjoyment)

So folks, I’m not commenting. I’m here to help Giovi and that’s where you come in.  Take a look at the video and if you are so compelled or moved by it, please share your thoughts in the comments section.  Thank you all for helping do God’s work.

Jabbawockeez and Shaq are the highlight of the 2009 NBA All Star Game

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In case you missed it, Shaquille O’Neal came out with Pinoy dance crew Jabbawockeez as he was introduced for the 2009 NBA All-Star Game.

Whoever is managing the Jabbawockeez is doing an incredible job. Congrats on the All Star gig and the Gatorade commercials.

Pinoylife returns to Kababayan L.A.

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Just a few notes:

I had a South Park Eric Cartman doll, a Santo Nino statue, and a Voltes V figure in my webcam but they cropped the shot.  You can kinda see the head of the Santo Nino in some of the shots.

I didn’t see Jannelle on my computer as she was interviewing me. I had no idea what she was wearing while she was talking to me and by the looks of it, I’m not sure if her wardrobe person did either.

Yes, that is a 1 liter glass boot from Germany filled with a drink. :)

Now you know why I posted the graphic of 70s anime robot Daimos because I wanted to see if they would actually broadcast the website with the words I’M ON KABABAYAN L.A. BEEYATCHES!  And they did hehe.

Thanks again to Jannelle So for giving me and Pinoylife.com some airtime.

Charice sings at Obama’s pre-inauguration party. That makes no sense.

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Charice, the young vocal sensation from the Philippines, sang for Barack Obama’s pre-inaugural party on January 18.

Here’s TV Patrol’s news coverage in wondrous low def.

I’ve been a big fan of Charice and applaud her every accomplishment. This post is no way a knock on Charice’s amazing talent or her somewhat large head (hopefully she’ll grow into it and not look like a walking lollipop a la her idol Celine Dion). But I do need to question why she was picked to sing “God Bless America” for an American presidential event.

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Bambu’s “Crooks and Rooks” music video

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Big props to Bambu for the new music video. Thanks for the link AJ!

Crooks and Rooks
by Bambu

Bambu “Crooks & Rooks” Music Video (Short Film Version) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes video:

Bambu “Crooks and Rooks”: Behind the Scenes from Xylophone Films on Vimeo.

Bambu’s Official Website

Pinoylife Album Review of “…exact change…”

Here Dammit!

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A few weeks ago, a friend commented that Pinoylife was too “guy heavy”. There was too much coverage on boxing and mixed martial arts that there really wasn’t anything for the non-testosterone audience.

Just to show you that I listen to the loyal readership of 30 people, here is the most unmanly post in Pinoylife history.

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Looking Back on Thanksgiving 2008

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Thanksgiving 2008 is in the record books and based on all the Facebook status updates I read, looks like we all ate as if we had four stomachs.  It is impossible to resist.  Every house has lots of good food and at least three different types of dessert.  What makes Thanksgiving such a great holiday is its simple formula: 

People + lots of food + no work or school = Happiness

We can now add another component to a successful Thanksgiving - Filipinos on television.  Yes, you read that right folks. Thanksgiving 2008 was all about increasing the Pinoy visibility percentage on American television.  Maybe some of you blinked but there were quite a few pata eaters on cable these past few days. 

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ESPN Dedicates a Video Segment and Roundtable Discussion on Manny Pacquiao

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More Awesome Karaoke

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Simply awesome. Crank this one up at your office cubicles, university computer labs, and wifi coffee shops.

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