Pinoylife returns to Kababayan L.A.

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Just a few notes:

I had a South Park Eric Cartman doll, a Santo Nino statue, and a Voltes V figure in my webcam but they cropped the shot.  You can kinda see the head of the Santo Nino in some of the shots.

I didn’t see Jannelle on my computer as she was interviewing me. I had no idea what she was wearing while she was talking to me and by the looks of it, I’m not sure if her wardrobe person did either.

Yes, that is a 1 liter glass boot from Germany filled with a drink. :)

Now you know why I posted the graphic of 70s anime robot Daimos because I wanted to see if they would actually broadcast the website with the words I’M ON KABABAYAN L.A. BEEYATCHES!  And they did hehe.

Thanks again to Jannelle So for giving me and some airtime.

The Kababayan L.A. Appearance – The Inside Commentary

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Janelle So

Kababayan L.A. host, Janelle So

Greetings PinoyLifers.  A few weeks ago, I was asked to appear on a show called Kababayan L.A. by its host, the lovely Janelle So.  She wanted to do a segment on blogging and asked me to be on the show after seeing some of the fun things I put on this site. 

The show aired on September 25, 2008 but there is a bit of backstory to some of the antics I pulled during the appearance.

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Dedicated to the Audi TT

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Yet another throwback article from the PinoyLife vault (circa 2002).  Due to not-so-popular demand by a Random Ninja, here is the original PinoyLife article dedicated to the Audi TT.

This car had it coming from this website.

In 1998, someone from the Audi car company decided to name their roadster model the TT. For those that don’t get the inside joke, here’s the explanation. In Tagalog, the word “titi” translates to PENIS. That being said, here are a bunch of fun things to say if you own or see an Audi TT.

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Pinoyfest ‘08 – The Pinoylife Recap

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I’m not a fan of kicking a dead horse when it is down.  It’s just a mean thing to do. 

HOWEVER, there was one question people kept asking me when I was at FPAC, “Do you know how Pinoyfest went?”  

So for all of you that were curious, someone that goes by the name “A Very Opinionated Pinoy Dude” took one for the team and went to Pinoyfest with a video camera. 

I just have a few more things to say and I promise to stop with the Pinoyfest stuff.

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Photos from FPAC 2008

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Pictures! NEAT-O!

FPAC 2008 – The PinoyLife Recap

September 7, 2008 · Posted in Events, General · 21 Comments 


I am super tired right now. I just spent two days at FPAC. The top of my scalp is burnt, my flat feet hurt and I really want to just sleep. 

But I owe it to all the cool people that had such nice things to say about at the festival to muster up the strength to crank out the FPAC recap.  I just downed my medication for high blood pressure and the pill to lower cholesterol so I’m in a whole world of fun right now.

Here’s the recap!

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PinoyLife Got Mentioned on Local TV!

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I know, I know. It’s just a local Los Angeles show on KSCI channel 18 on the UHF dial. But man, Janelle So really started throwin’ it down on two of the rocket scientists behind Pinoyfest on the show Kababayan L.A. Check around the 3 minute mark when she mentions this uber Pinoy Pop Culture blog.

Thanks for the plug Janelle! See you at FPAC!

Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya, IT’S ON!

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AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Manny Pacquaio and Oscar De La Hoya just agreed to the biggest boxing event of 2008! Mark your calendars fight fans cause Pac-man vs. DLH goes down on December 6.

De La Hoya to fight Pacquiao in December – Reuters 


Pacquiao to move up two weight classes to fight De La Hoya - by Dan Rafael,

Fight with Pacquiao makes a lot of cents to De La Hoya by Graham Houston,


Part 3: Resurrection

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Wow, when’s the last time that juxtaposition of characters was relevant? 

I am having a difficult time writing this, probably due to all of the writer’s rust I need to shake off.  I’ve spent so much of my time in the last few years refocusing my life and growing as a person that this Pinoy pop-culture website endeavor that started way back in 1998 had to be put in a cryogenic sleep in January of 2005 just waiting for something to trigger its reactivation. 

What the hell happened?

That’s a question a lot of people that read or who don’t have my cell phone number are probably wondering.  My personal life changed in 2005 and it caused me to refocus and reprioritize things.  The time and money that I had to go out and cover as many Pinoy events for the site got shifted to starting a family and moving my personal career forward. (What? You guys thought I did this stuff for a living?)  Some of the other regular contributors to the site also started seeing their careers take off and they could no longer dedicate the time needed to provide written content.

The financial costs and effort needed to keep the site up were simply too much for me to take on and thus, the site was put into deep sleep.

Why bring it back?

In every story where some character is in some deep sleep, there’s always an event that causes that character to wake up because that person’s purpose is needed again.  In Futurama, Phillip J. Fry was revived from a 1000 year cryogenic freeze to fulfill some prophecy by Nibbler’s people. In Aliens, Ellen Ripley was woken up after 57 years of hypersleep after her drifting spaceship was found by another space crew and she eventually went on to kick some mother alien butt.  And of course, Han Solo was freed from the carbonite at Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi to go on and help lead the loveable Ewoks  destroy the shield generator on the moon of Endor so that Lando, Wedge, and the rest could blow up Death Star #2. 

For Pinoylife’s case, the trigger events were simply people telling me that they needed it back.  People missed having a voice to read that talked about the Pinoy world that we knew.  They longed for the sarcasm and dry humor.  A few of you also told me that you were just fed up with some of the wack stuff that you saw in the Pinoy community and had no central place to see this stuff put on blast.  I heard all of you and I got the message. 

Simply knowing that there was void that needed to be filled wasn’t enough.  I had to figure out a way to make this thing work with respect to cost and time.  Luckily, over the three years that have passed since the last update of TheFlavorOnline, blog technology has gotten pretty good and now everyone and their mom has a blog which makes it pretty cheap for me to run this sumbitch.

Expect some changes

Folks, I have to be honest and say that there’s no way I’ll be able to give the same type of coverage the old site did.  I simply don’t have the resources to be at every event, take photos, and write stuff.  This version of is going to be my personal blog that will focus on the Pinoy pop-culture world as I see it.  I’m doing this to provide a perspective that I feel is not being properly represented in our media. 

You’ll probably see a few guest writers (hopefully), and with some luck, can be something worth going to again. 

My goal for the day was just to get this site back up with an article.  Let’s see where this goes.